Lightweight and Limitless; 10 Impressive Lightweight Travel Trailers

Travel trailers these days come in all different sizes and styles. Shopping for one can be a daunting task. A good way to start is by looking at what your vehicle can tow in weight. Lightweight travel trailers are a very popular category to begin looking. We have a compiled short list of some of the best lightweight travel trailers for you.

What makes a travel trailer lightweight?

Generally, a lightweight travel trailer is considered to be under 5,000 pounds GVWR. GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating. This is considered more dry weight and can easily climb up after adding extra supplies and accessories. So keep this in mind when choosing your next travel trailer. Even though these trailers are light doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be smaller. A lot of times these travel trailers are made with lighter materials so they can still be pretty spacious.

Top 10 Lightweight Travel Trailers

  1. Forest River R-Pod
  2. Airstream RV Sport
  3. Starcraft Satellite
  4. Aliner Classic Travel Trailer
  5. Jayco Jay Sport
  6. Dutchmen Coleman Lite
  7. KZ Escape
  8. Winnebago Minnie Series
  9. Alto Safari Condo
  10. Casita Travel Trailer

Forest River R-Pod

The R-Pod comes in several floor plans and weighs in from about 2,300 pounds to 2,900 pounds. They have packed quite a punch for such a lightweight trailer. You can easily see why they are becoming a very popular camping trailer. They range anywhere from about 18’ to 22’ in length. They have holding tank capacities of 36 gallons fresh and 30 gallons grey water. All floor plans include a bathroom, though some of them are a smaller all-in-one style wet bath. Most of the floor plans have a queen sized bed, but a few have either bunk beds or divided beds if you prefer. One of their floor plans even offers a neat feature of a rear garage which includes a sink and generous storage. Another cool feature of the R-Pod is the option for getting the R-dome, which is an attachable tent style canopy with screened-in sides.

Airstream RV Sport

Airstream is a longstanding RV manufacturer that is known for its quality. They have developed a Sport model for those looking for something smaller and lighter. It has the signature curvy shape and silver exterior that Airstream is known for. It comes in two floor-plans of 16’ or 22’ in length. The Sport 16RB weighs in at just under 3,000 pounds dry and the Sport 22FB weighs in a little over 3,600 pounds dry. The 16’ has a tank capacity of 23 gallons fresh and 21 gallons black. The 22’ model has a tank capacity of 20 gallons fresh, 24 gallons grey, and 18 gallons black. Both models have a bathroom, though the 16’ model has all-in-one style wet bath and both models come with a roll out awning. Though Airstreams are a little pricier than most other RVs, they hold their value very well.

Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

Aliner manufacturers are most known for their classic A-frame camper trailer. This popular and unique style camper is constructed of fiberglass and feels roomy because of its design. This travel trailer weighs in at around 1,600 pounds dry and is 15’ long. Because of its light and low profile construction, it can be pulled by a wide variety of vehicles. It has an 11-gallon freshwater tank capacity. The Aliner Classic comes in a couple of different floor plans, all of which include a galley style sink, stove, microwave and refrigerator. They do not have a bathroom in this model but do offer it in a higher model. They even offer an off-road model for the more adventurous types.

Jayco Jay Sport

The Jayco Jay Sport is a pop-up style camper trailer. We have decided to include a pop-up in our list because of its versatility. Like the Aliner, its low profile and weight make it easier to pull with a wider variety of vehicles. When it comes to pop-up campers, Jayco’s Jay Sport seems to be one of the most popular. They offer several different floor plans in the sport model. They weigh anywhere from about 2,200 pounds to about 2,800 pounds GVWR and are 8’ 6” to 15’ 6” in length (travel length). They have a freshwater tank capacity of about 28 gallons. All models come with a sink, stove, refrigerator, and dinette. They have pull-out beds on both ends of the trailer with different size beds depending on what floor plan you get. This model’s stove carries out to the exterior, has a porta-potty cabinet and bunk ends rated for just over 1,000 pounds. Though a bathroom is not standard, it is an option that can be added in their 12SC package. They also offer an off-road package as well.

Dutchman Coleman Lantern LT

The Dutchmen Coleman LT is another popular brand travel trailer. They have an impressive selection of around 15 different floor plans to choose from. This makes it very popular, especially with families. They weigh in from around 3,000 pounds to around 5,000 pounds and lengths from just over 21’ to almost 29’. Tank capacities vary depending on floor plans. The smallest floor plan holds 27 gallons fresh, 28 gallons grey and 28 black. All plans include a sink, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and furnace. They also include a bathroom with a separate shower in all floor plans. Bed sizes vary depending on the floorplan, with some having bunk beds included. It also comes with an extendable awning.

Starcraft Satellite

Starcraft has developed a lightweight model called the Satellite. It looks similar to the R-pod but has a curved roof on both ends. Like the R-Pod, the Satellite fits a lot of nice features into a smaller space. They offer a couple of different floor plans. They weigh in at around 3,000 pounds to 3,500 pounds. They have tank capacities of 31 fresh water, 24 grey water, and 24 black water. All floorplans include a sink, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and a/c. All plans have a bathroom, though some are an all-in-one wet bath. They also include electric tongue jack and electric awning.

KZ Escape

KZ Escape travel trailers have around ten different floorplans. They weigh in around 2,700 pounds to around 3,700 pounds depending on the floorplan. One of the cool things about these travel trailers is the variety of different and unique floorplans. They even offer a toy hauler version. All floor plans have a full bath, microwave, and furnace. They come with an electric awning as well.

Winnebago Minnie series

Winnebago is a long-standing RV manufacturer that has been popular for a long time. They offer a smaller and lighter travel trailer series called Minnie. There are several different models in the series with most of them weighing in under 5,000 pounds dry. They even offer a micro 5th wheel trailer. Within each model is a variety of different floor plans. These travel trailers come with full baths, microwave, and furnace. Most models have tank capacities of 25 gallons black, 25 gallons grey and 31 fresh. Most look to come with power tongue jack and awning. Winnebago offers an extreme weather package on some models as well.

Alto by Safari Condo

Safari Condo has developed a unique air-craft inspired travel trailer. They have several different models, all of which weigh in under 2,400 pounds. One of their more popular models is the R Series that has a retractable roof. It has a single-piece curved roof that reveals crescent-shaped windows when extended up. Safari Condo boasts that with the roof down, its aerodynamic shape creates 75% less aerodynamic drag than most traditional travel trailers. This also allows it to be pulled by many different vehicle types. This model comes with a toilet but doesn’t come with a shower. A shower option is available though. All other models come with a toilet and shower. Their use of windows in these travel trailers is stunning. These trailers are manufactured in Canada and are sold in the U.S. directly from the factory.

Casita Travel Trailer

Casita Travel Trailers has been around since the eighties and is known for their rounded fiberglass exterior. They are also known for their quality. They offer four different models that weigh in from about 1,900 to about 2,200 pounds dry. They are 16’ to 17’ feet in length. Most models don’t come with a bathroom standard but are available in the deluxe option. Their website doesn’t state whether they come with an awning, but one is shown in every picture.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to purchase a travel trailer, you should first check your vehicles towing capacity. If a lightweight travel trailer is what you’re looking for, we hope we’ve helped you with your search! There are so many great options out there to suit almost every taste. Happy camping!

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