How To Create The 4 Most Popular Campfires

One of the best things about camping is a campfire! There is something special about sitting around watching the warm glow while having meaningful conversation with friends. Some of the best memories made include a campfire. Did you know there are multiple methods and reasons to build a fire?

Before you start building your fire, make sure the area is clear of debris and you are using a designated fire ring or fire area. It is best to gather kindling from nearby and to use firewood from the area. Many states require this as not to introduce invasive pests into the area.

Method 1

The Teepee method. This is a more classic cone shaped method that is best for building a quick fire. Start by placing your tinder in the middle, then place kindling around leaning against each other like your building a tent, forming a wide base to allow oxygen to flow through. Start with small sticks and get bigger as the fire grows. This method burns hot and requires maintenance.

Method 2

The log cabin. When built correctly, this method requires minimal effort and is a more sustained fire. Place two logs parallel to each other, then place two more on top perpendicular to them. Repeat this process using smaller pieces as you go up until you reach your desired height. Lastly, place your kindling in the center to light. Make sure you leave space for air flow to get in.

Photo by Jani Kaasinen on Unsplash

Method 3

The upside down pyramid. This method is best for cooking and is similar to the log cabin. Start with several large pieces of wood next to to each other on the bottom. Then place several slightly smaller pieces perpendicular on top. Repeat this step a few times with the smallest pieces on top. Place your tinder on the very top and light. Again, make sure you leave a little room for oxygen to get in. It will burn from the top down creating a slower more even burn. This is why it makes such a great fire for cooking.

Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash

Method 4

The lean to. This method is great for those windy days that come along and is fairly simple. The easiest way is to start by using a large log as the base, laying several sticks leaning against it. Place your tinder slightly underneath the leaning sticks, placing larger pieces over it as it burns. Add another full size log once established.

As a friendly reminder, never leave a campfire unattended and extinguish it when you are finished. Now that you’re armed with campfire knowledge, go and make new campfire memories!

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