7 places to find used outdoor gear and save money

So you decide to go shopping for your next camping trip and find that you need new gear. Well, you’ve probably found out by now that buying new equipment can be very expensive. There are so many options and new gadgets to choose from. Buying quality gear can have you paying big bucks as well. There are ways, however, to get your hands on some top-notch gear without having to pay the higher prices. Buying used is a great way to get your hands on some quality gear without breaking the bank.

Why you should buy used

There are a few reasons to buy gently used year. To start off with, new gear can be very expensive. Especially for big-ticket items such as tents, technical clothing, and coolers. A lot of times you can find these items for nearly half the original cost by buying used. Sometimes you can even find them in like new condition.

Another reason is you can find things you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, such as specialty gear. If you’ve ever thought about trying a new hobby, going with used gear is the way to go.  You’ll be able to try it out without a real big investment. Ever wanted to try mountain biking?  A new bike can set you back quite a few bucks, but by buying used, however, you can find a quality bike at an affordable price.

Another reason many people don’t think about is the fact that purchasing used gear creates less waste. We are actually helping the environment by reusing stuff that still has a little life left in it rather than simply throwing it in the trash.

So where should you start looking?

There are lots of places you can find quality used gear. You can even start looking in your local home town in places such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and local yard sales. We’ve compiled a list of great online places to find quality used gear. So let’s get to it!

Gear Trade

Gear Trade is an online marketplace for a variety of used gear. They provide a place for outdoor enthusiasts to buy and sell gear. One of the great things about this site is the wide variety of items offered. It looks to be fairly easy to sign up and start selling or shopping.

Preview of GearTrade website


Outdoorsgeek is a family owned business that provides both gently used and new gear on their site. One of the unique and very cool things about them is they offer a rental program so that you can try gear out before you buy it. This is a great opportunity for people just starting out or looking to buy a big ticket item and wanting to try it out first.

Preview of Outdoorsgeek website

Outdoor Gear Exchange

Outdoor Gear Exchange is based out of Vermont and offers new gear online as well as consignment. With their consignment program, you can either drop off in-store or contact them to set up to mail in your items. Check their website for more details. They also offer a wide variety of outdoor gear.

Preview of Outdoor Gear Exchange website

REI Used Gear

REI Co-op offers used gear on their website. REI says they inspect gently used items that have been returned to them and select the best items to sell to their customers. That way you can get REI products without paying full price and they have a pretty good selection also.

Preview of REI used gear website

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia offers a program that lets customers trade used Patagonia wear for credit. Trade-ins are done in-store and credits can be used in-store or online. They offer a decent selection on their worn wear site. Please see their website for more details.

Preview of Patagonia Worn Wear website

The North Face Renewed

The North Face Renewed is refurbished clothing that can be found at thenorthfacerenewed.com. They claim to professionally clean, repair and inspect all gear at their renewal workshop before offering it up for sale. A full range of women’s and men’s clothing can be found on their site.

Preview of The North Face Renewed website


Don’t forget about Amazon for finding used gear also. Though you’ll probably have to do a bit of scrolling, some used gear deals can be found on the online retail giant. Amazon makes it easy with their huge selections and customer support, especially if you’re already a prime member.

So, when looking for outdoor gear, don’t forget to check out used gear deals. We hope this list helps you next time you’re looking to save some money and outfit your next adventure.

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