3 Reasons Camping is Becoming More Popular

Have you noticed your favorite camping spot is becoming harder to book? Are you wondering why so many people are suddenly booking the same beautiful places as you?

When did camping suddenly become so popular again?

It seems like it used to be that camping meant being dragged out for family outings every couple of years. But now, it has become increasingly popular by almost everyone, especially millennials.

  1. Frequency of Camping

According to the 2018 North American Camping Report, over 60% of U.S. households include someone who camps occasionally. The frequency of American campers seems to be on the rise. Since 2014, the number of campers that camp 3 or more times a year has increased by more than 60%.

  1. Diversity of Campers

Interestingly enough, the diversity among campers is rising as well. The 2018 North American Camping Report states new campers are now more diverse than the overall U.S. population. There has been a dramatic shift in overall camper demographics, including ethnicity. Half of the newest campers were from non-white groups in 2017.

The increased diversity is a very significant trend and we should see a continued rise in this trend in the future. The reason for this increase seems to be contributed to the fact that most of the diversity is coming from the younger generations (millennials) and their wanting to spend more time with family and friends.

  1. Younger Campers

Along with diversity, millennials make up an increased portion of the camping population. This may have a connection with the increased access of Wi-Fi found throughout campgrounds across the U.S. Now that campgrounds are more Wi-Fi accessible, more people are sharing their experiences on social media.

Social media is a huge contribution to the rise in camping popularity as access to information about camping and beautiful places to camp are being shared among people. You can find almost anything you would like to know about camping online now and the secret camping spots are becoming not so secret.

With the rise in frequency, diversity and age groups in camping, we will likely see the trend of camping continue to increase in the near future. Let’s hope that more public lands and campgrounds become available so that we can all enjoy the camping experience together. Camping is a relaxing and enjoyable way of experiencing nature!

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